Music Lessons for Children

Spanish and Music class

It is an interactive class where children learn the basic words and actions of the Spanish language such as: say hello, say goodbye, count to ten, learn main actions (verbs) colors, shapes, animals, fruits, body parts , etc., while using music, toys and singing as the main teaching tool to reinforce learning and memory.



The main objective of the class is for the children to say or sing their first words in Spanish and be able to apply them in a daily familiar context. 

The other goal is  for children to have fun, socialize and have a pleasant time by learning new traditional songs and movements alongside their parents and other kids. 

The supervision of one or more adults is essential for a better class performance. 

It is not necessary for adults to know how to speak Spanish in the class, but their constant active participation in the course of it is of the utmost importance in order to help the children to relate what they have learned with the action and the example during and after the class. The teacher will only be the class guide but the true teachers are the moms, dads or nannies who: sing, dance, repeat and help their babies shine in every class. 



Here are some of the benefits you children may obtain from this class: 

 -Gain self-confidence 

-Promote socialization and public speaking 

-Motor development 

-Development of rhythm at an early age 

-Development of speech 

-Gain ability to follow instructions 

- Learn and practice  moral values ​​such as respect, sharing, thanking, waiting for their turn. 

-Development of reflexes 

-Ability to be kind and live with children of different races and customs. 

-Development of listening 

-Love for music at an early age 

- Curiosity for playing musical instruments. 


The ideal age for the class is 1.5 to 3 years and 0 to 1.5 

The ideal people for this class are parents who want to reinforce a second language in their children,

as well as preschools, daycares and private studios which want to implement Spanish as a second language in their curricular program.


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